The Team

The Association of Barbel Fishers is a democratically run organisation with a team as determined by the membership.

This is the current ‘elected’ (confirmed at AGM Oct ’23) Team as listed below :

Team Members :

Neil Depledge – Chairman

Neil is responsible for keeping the Team in check, running the AGM, offering impartial advice and casting his vote if the Team are equally split on any decision.

Paul Schofield – Secretary, Asst Site Admin and Social Media Promotion

Paul is responsible for any official documents such as the constitution and communicating any proposed policy changes to the membership and prodcuing minutes from the AGM.  He is also responsible for promoting the ABF as best as possible across the social media domains as well as covering as assistant site admin.

Dave McCreath – Treasurer, Fisheries Officer, Membership Secretary and Site Admin

Dave is looking after the ABF finances which currently rely on donations from the membership and any money left over from the sale of fishery permits, handling the membership duties and site admin which includes processing new members, maintaining the waiting lists and keeping an up to date database of the membership.

note. This database is not kept on the website and is compliant with the Data Protection Act; apart from postal addresses and a contact number for fishery permit holders we do not keep any personal contact details other than email addresses.

Sean Corbett – Normanton Fishery Rep

Jason McAdam – Fiskerton Fishery Rep

Spencer Day – Fisheries’ Grounds-man

James Rabjohns – Ex-officio Member

Bailiffs – Non Elected


Dean Bradshaw Dave McCreath
James Rabjohns Sean Corbett
Jason McAdam Paul Chappell
Jon Gray Ian Potts


Sean Corbett Neil Potts
Craig Gregory